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3 If there is an unavoidable health and safety risk, suitable alternative work will be found or, if this is not possible, suspension from work on full pay. In the U. This includes equalised company enhanced elements of maternity, paternity and adoption leave, with up to 16 weeks full-pay for all parents. Your Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and Leave - what you get, how to claim, maternity rights and extra help Maternity pay and leave - GOV. Please accept our apology for the loss or damage of a shipment as this is a rare occurrence in our network. g if not available in alternative formats, staff with disabilities could be impacted in a negative way. uk Owner Fiona Whittaker whittakerf@northlan. About Advantage xPO. If you can’t take your holiday because you’re on maternity leave, your employer should let you carry over up to 5. aren’t). . Your rights during pregnancy and maternity, including leave, pay and returning to work. While the program welcomes all XPO employees, it’s most In Italy, XPO has failed to produce a legally required equality report. When communicating maternity leave policies to your employees, remember that all employment rights are protected during the period. If an employee proposes to return to work early without using the full 52-week entitlement to maternity leave, they may be eligible to apply for Shared Parental Leave with their partner. The transportation and logistics company has rolled out a new paid parental leave policy this year for 47,000 eligible workers, giving primary caregivers six weeks of leave and secondary caregivers two weeks. c. XPO Logistics, Inc. In the UK, we can observe that the generosity of maternity leaves across universities varies greatly: some universities top up the statutory maternity pay with longer and better paid leaves, others are either less generous or only entitle academic women to the legal minimum. Maternity Policy 1. This customisable maternity leave policy template for small business lets you to tweak the document to ensure it’s right for both you and your employees. 1 A review of the Maternity leave policy has taken place in order to keep pace with present legislation and produce a comprehensive policy that is fair to staff and consistent with policies aimed at staff in MoJ and other public sector workers. protected from suffering detriment or dismissal for taking SML. Learn about XPO Logistics Maternity & Paternity Leave, including a description from the employer, and comments and ratings provided anonymously by current and former XPO Logistics employees. Maternity leave and pay entitles eligible employees to take paid leave when a child is born. In the US, it’s estimated only 16% of private-industry workers have access to any type of paid maternity leave. Disclaimer: This maternity leave policy template is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference. Merged 7 page guidance document with Policy. The first 26 weeks is known as ‘Ordinary Maternity Leave’, the last 26 weeks as ‘Additional Maternity Leave’. uk 1. The working environment at XPO LOGISTICS is very conducive for every employee. It states that when allegations were raised in 2018 related to the company’s pregnancy accommodation practices, XPO engaged Tina Tchen, former chief of staff to Michelle Obama and executive director of the White House Council on Women and Girls, to assess the company’s implementation of its accommodation policy. This Policy embraces the key principles set out by the International Labour Organization Maternity Protection Convention (Convention C183), which is one of the most significant established tools to support gender equality and promote breastfeeding in the workplace. By adapting to the needs of our employees, customers XPO’s policies in Europe are overseen by the CSR team in collaboration with the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), Human Resources, Procurement and Compliance teams, who administer ethics, inclusion, supplier diversity and other programmes. Occupational maternity pay is a benefit provided by your employer and you will need to check your contract or maternity policy for your employer’s terms and conditions. Maternity Clinical Governance Committee ii. Because asking the right questions now can help make planning for your financial future easier. Our approach to sustainability is rooted in our corporate values: safe, inclusive, entrepreneurial, innovative and respectful. 08. UK Maternity Leave Policy Overview Inmarsat supports equal opportunities and diversity and has developed a Maternity Leave Policy which meets and may exceed statutory requirements for employees. This year, XPO is celebrating Earth Day with a big step – by releasing our first global sustainability report. Maternity Policy Author Lynn Crielly Contact details criellyl@northlan. At XPO, we strive to offer the best-in-class LTL service in the industry, delivering your freight damage-free and on time. Find out more on our new hub. Full up to date information on Maternity allowance can be found at . 12. Resuscitation Council (UK) Quality Standards for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Practice and Training in the Acute Care Setting1. All pregnant employees are: entitled to take 52 weeks' statutory maternity leave (SML) around the birth of their child. Maternity Quality & Safety Committee . Policy This policy will detail your entitlements under according to your nationally agreed terms and When to use this model maternity policy. Monitor values and seeks to utilise the skills and experience of staff at all levels. And even if your state doesn’t require a policy, creating a maternity leave policy is a sound business practice ensuring you retain good employees and prevent potential litigation. 1 This document outlines the Maternity Leave and Pay Policy and Procedure for The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (the Trust). Note: The usual rules for calculating normal weekly pay for the purpose of determining entitlement to, and the rate of, statutory maternity pay are adjusted for employees who are The policy focuses primarily on study-related matters, but sources of help and advice on related issues can be found at the end of the document. The generosity of maternity pay has been shown to be an important factor for mothers’ attachment to the labour market. The policy has been updated to include the 2020 parental bereavement provisions . Transfer of Maternity Leave – Shared Parental Leave . Introduction. Version updated December 5th, 2018 ©2018XPOLogistics UK Tax Policy 2020 Sustainability Report. Membership has increased by more than 28% over the decade. K. (See The maternity policy ) Employers that follow good practice towards all parents increase the likelihood of achieving a gender-diverse workforce. When we started XPO in 2011, we set out to create a new logistics model designed from the ground up to help customers thrive in an era of technological disruption. About. Use this model HR policy to guide managers and employees in relation to employees' entitlement to maternity leave and pay. In the UK, they can receive up to 39 weeks of paid maternity leave. 6 weeks of unused days (28 days if you work 5 days a week) into your next holiday year. You can choose to start the maternity leave period at any time after the beginning of the 11th week before the EWC. This policy aims to inform employees of their contractual and statutory maternity rights, and to ensure that those rights are understood. The changes intended to make our offering more generous and competitive within the sector as well as seeking to retain key colleagues at University post maternity or adoption leave. The recognition – as voted by employees – was announced in new research by CMI, the professional body for management and Maternity Leave policy and procedure. Their pay may come from a variety of sources, including from any state leave programs they’re eligible for and from Facebook. As we deliver food, medical devices and supplies, technology and more, our primary focus is 1. This policy explains the leave and pay available to you during your pregnancy and in the first year following the birth of your child. 2. To help employees on this journey, XPO provides tuition reimbursement and partners with academic programs in addition to investing in discussion series, videos and courses for all employees. Through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the federal government guarantees 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for the birth of a newborn or adopting a child. This policy and procedure sets out the entitlements and benefits for pregnant employees and new mothers. 2. The leave, which provides 100% pay for parents of a newborn or adopted child, can be taken intermittently. XPO Logistics has adapted quickly to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to safeguard its workforce and maintain continuity of essential services. XPO Logistics is the latest employer to add benefits for new mothers and fathers. 1 All employees are eligible for maternity leave from the first day of their employment at the University. iii. Awards. 21 Review period 2 years Review Date Document Control – Revision History (Policies only) Author/Owner Summary of Changes Date Date last reviewed by SED NHS 24 Maternity Leave Policy Date Live From: November 2016 Page 4 of 19 1. For women on Maternity Leave, Short-Term Disability pays 100% of their base pay for weeks 2–16 and 70% of their Our Pregnancy Care Policy is a gold standard not just for our industry, but for any industry. Usdaw (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers) is the UK's fifth biggest and the fastest growing trade union with around 430,000 members. All employees who are pregnant or who have given birth have the option to take statutory maternity leave. UK Eligible employees can take up to 52 weeks’ maternity leave. Maternity leave policies in the United States have come a long way from the 1960s when working mothers were considered temporarily disabled under state law. Equally, this policy provides guidance for line managers in supporting staff This is a fully integrated policy which cover all the statutory entitlements to maternity, adoption, paternity and (shared / unpaid) parental leave and pay. 1 This policy aims to provide staff who are pregnant with guidance on maternity leave and pay entitlements, and outlines the staff responsibilities in exercising these entitlements. Scope 2. Glassdoor is your resource for information about XPO Logistics benefits and perks. UK You will be allowed 26 weeks maternity leave on full pay and a subsequent 13 weeks paid at Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) (See Statutory Maternity Pay below for further information) for the period Policy and procedure Maternity leave and pay. UK Cookies on GOV. XPO Logistics has defended its strategy during the pandemic after revelations that its US chief executive Brad Jacobs was paid an incentive award of up to $80m (£57m) in the same period the company was claiming millions of pounds from the UK government in furlough payments. Advantage xPO New Albany, OH. But rest assured, our dedicated claims team is standing by to process your claim. Pregnancy and maternity: non-work case and work case are protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. Policy statement Monitor recognises the worth of its employees and the benefits inherent in encouraging experienced employees to return to the workplace after a period of leave. The top companies for maternity and paternity leave in the UK have been revealed. 0 Page 4 of 19 1 Executive Summary The Isle of Wight NHS Trust acknowledges its legal duties and obligations in the granting of Maternity Leave and Pay. 2 This policy is not applicable to self-employed or agency workers who are carrying out duties within the School. g. This Policy explains how we protect and manage any personal data* you share with us and that we hold about you, including how we collect, process, protect and share that data. Policy Statement The University is committed to helping its staff to balance their family and work commitments. Material Operator. That’s why we’re encouraging the UK to ask questions about their pension today, no matter where they are on their journey towards retirement. UK Statutory Maternity Leave. In Italy, XPO has failed to produce a legally required equality report. Learn about XPO Logistics, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. Maternity policy and procedure, last update May 2015 6 maternity leave. 1. It’s available in Word format. The Orkney Islands Council found that the policies on Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave had no foreseen impact on the basis of disability P38 - Maternity Policy for Students 2021 Page 2 of 5 Policy Review Author/Owner Michelle Joy Position Head of Student Experience Approved by SMT Signed: Mark Bolton Approval date 31. 0 POLICY STATEMENT In an attempt to reduce the amount of cardiopulmonary arrest events, this policy interfaces with The Observations and Escalation Policy for Adult In-Patients to provide multi- Keeping in touch (KIT) days are intended to facilitate a smooth return to work for women returning from maternity leave. 1 This policy sets out the entitlements and support available to pregnant employees and to those on, and returning from, maternity leave (ML). The allowance can be paid for up to 39 weeks. 9. Maternity Leave Policy v1. In accordance with UK legislation, employees who are pregnant or who have given birth have the option to take statutory maternity leave and to be paid statutory maternity pay. Maternity Leave Policy and Procedure Human Resources 2019 The University of Manchester Page 5 of 10 9. The Trust recognises the contributions of its female staff and offers all pregnant employees and new mothers their statutory maternity leave and pay entitlements in line with the NHS Terms and University policy and practice regarding student pregnancy and maternity Overview . Maternity Allowance is a Government benefit, paid weekly, that you may be able to claim if you are pregnant or if you have just had a baby and are not entitled to SMP. The company policy embrace diversity of different people from different backgrounds. These maternity and paternity provisions comply with the Work and Families Act 2014, and the Equality Act 2010 and any amendments made under these. 1 July19 Page 5 of 8 13. The policy is available on staffnet and the maternity plan template is attached as appendix 1. The company operates as a highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets in 30 countries, with 1,504 locations and approximately 100,000 employees. It’s easy to put off planning for retirement. Your maternity leave, pay and other rights. ← Back to Jobs. Visit our hub Manx Co-operative maternity policy Here at the Manx Co-operative we know that having a baby is an important and exciting time and we want to support you if you’re pregnant or a new mother. This guide will help you comply with the laws on statutory maternity leave and pay. Glassdoor is your resource for information about the Maternity & Paternity Leave benefits at XPO Logistics. Also, only 17% said they provide paid paternity leave (versus 12% in 2003). uk Date 05/02/2019 Version number Document status Final Governance Committee Date approved Review date Strategic Alignment Improving the Council’s Resource Base – A Workforce Strategy that is built around the ITF Global. . The University improved its Maternity and Adoption pay offerings in January 2020. Widespread anti-union tactics XPO Logistics, a leading global provider of transport and logistics solutions, has been named as one of the top 20 UK companies with the best workplace culture and leadership by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Finding internal allies can help push the approval of family leave policy and will also help your company live the values the policy represents in their day-to-day work. In line with UK legislation, employees are eligible for 52 weeks of maternity leave from the first day of their employment. Any employee of XPO, female or male, who becomes a new parent through birth or adoption can qualify for six weeks of 100% paid leave as the infant's primary caregiver, or two weeks paid leave as the secondary caregiver. The company’s global 2019 Sustainability Report is available here. Oftentimes, maternity leave is about 12 weeks long — that is, you’re eligible for it (and many people in the U. Learn about XPO Logistics , including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. You are entitled to maternity pay if you have been employed for 26 weeks before the 15th week before you are due to give birth, earn at least the lower earnings limit (£120 for 2021-22) a week before tax, and have given proper notice. For more information on this, please see the Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure. You build up holiday as normal while you’re on maternity leave. Five states have publicly funded paid maternity leave — California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York (as of 1/2018). This Policy applies to students who are pregnant during their studies at Glasgow Caledonian University, and is also for staff that may be supporting or advising students on issues related to pregnancy and maternity. The cost of taking time away from work for the birth of a child can have a direct impact on the amount of leave time requested and used. If you have any questions about maternity leave, speak to your manager or HR Services. This is a good option for businesses which don't have any policies currently in place. Download XPO's UK 2020 Tax Strategy . 0 Background Information This policy sets out the rights of employees to occupational and statutory maternity leave and pay. 3 This policy sets out all entitlements and associated processes that apply to the available maternity leave and pay options. Morning operational Meeting Maternity Leave Policy (revised in line with prevailing legislation) V3. People on Paid Parental Leave receive the equivalent of up to 4 months of their base pay while on leave. flexible working, paternity leave, shared parental leave, adoption leave and unpaid Glassdoor is your resource for information about XPO Logistics benefits and perks. It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. This public data reveals claims made by a number of companies under the ownership of XPO Logistics. This form should be completed by the Programme Key facts. In the case of adoption, where an adoptive parent may be entitled to maternity leave it is recognised that the parent could be male or female. The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (the Agency) aims to provide full support to XPO was named a Winning “W” Company by 2020 Women on Boards (2020WOB), a global advocacy alliance supporting the goal of women holding at least 20% of all public company board seats by 2020. (NYSE: XPO) is a top ten global logistics provider of cutting-edge supply chain solutions to the most successful companies in the world. Maternity protection 2. XPO uses its network to help more than 50,000 customers manage their The University of Cambridge aims provide maternity benefits which comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law on maternity rights and are in excess of these statutory requirements. [i] UK HMRC figures on claims made by all companies under the UK government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (‘the Scheme’) have been published in full for the months of December 2020 to February 2021. Women now occupy almost half of the workforce and national laws guarantee 12 weeks of unpaid leave (for employees in companies with more than 50 employees) under the Family and Medical 1. Aim 1. If managers need advice they can contact HR Services on 0330 606 1001. Widespread anti-union tactics Xpo Logistics is very productive and promising to achieving its goals and objectives of delivering to the customer on time. This policy applies to mothers of babies born on or after 5 October 2008 Maternity 1. If there is a dispute about whether your maternity pay is repayable or how much is repayable you should talk to your employer to try to resolve it. In Summary. The earliest that leave can be taken is 11 weeks before the expected week of childbirth, unless the baby is born early. b. Benefits information above is provided anonymously by current and former XPO Logistics employees, and may include a summary provided by the employer. 225 natural gas trucks in our European fleet; 98% of our fleet is compliant with Euro V XPO was named a Winning “W” Company by 2020 Women on Boards (2020WOB), a global advocacy alliance supporting the goal of women holding at least 20% of all public company board seats by 2020. , the 2019 XPO UK Gender Pay Gap report admitted to a significant increase in the gender pay gap for the company’s supply chain and bulk operations, the latter reaching a 29% difference between men and women. Reference is made to the mother as a female/she. Maternity Policy Version No. As a result of the Equality Act 2010, the legislation on pregnancy and maternity has changed and now includes students. Specifically, it promotes five pillars: 1. Pregnant employees may begin maternity leave at any time from the 11thweek prior to the week the baby is due. Our Pregnancy Care Policy is a gold standard not just for our industry, but for any industry. gov. 2 Introduction • Trust Mandatory Training Policy CG065 • Maternity Specific Mandatory Training Policy CG360 • Maternity Escalation & Diversion protocol CG483 • Terms of Reference for the following Committees: i. 2 The University provides Enhanced Maternity Pay, which exceeds the statutory provision. Maternity leave policy on its own will not be enough to spur real change for families if the culture doesn’t support their daily realities. In addition to this maternity policy there are also a number of family friendly policies aimed at supporting staff achieve work/life balance and meet demands faced when caring for dependents e. Purpose and Scope. 2 This policy also sets out the additional provisions and entitlements for mothers whose baby needs neonatal care because they are premature or because they have health issues at birth. Legal change from over age of child from 14 to 18 years old Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Policy April 2020 Inserted bridging statement to front pages of policy in response to Covid-19. The larger Pennine/PCFT Policies Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave policy has been split into 2 distinct policies for Maternity, and Adoption leave with a section in each covering paternity leave (now known as New Parent Leave). A new study, which looked into the parental leave policies of 200 large companies, has found that just three But only 18% said they have a separate, paid maternity leave policy (compared to 14% in 2003). Our board composition is 33% women and this designation earned XPO’s inclusion on the 2020WOB Gender Diversity Index. 5. In this purpose, XPO notably meets with HMRC annually for a Business Risk Review meeting which addresses all the taxes and is a wide-ranging discussion of all aspects of XPO’s UK tax affairs. This report brings together the voices of workers from across XPO’s global network. 1. Coupled with our Flexible Working Policy, we encourage employees to return to work after maternity leave to continue and develop their career at Inmarsat. Policy review date: 28/02/2020. Advantage xPO is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion (including religious dress and grooming practices), sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender Glassdoor is your resource for information about XPO Logistics benefits and perks. Appendix SQ4 contains a support form which aims to guide discussions with students during pregnancy and maternity. Employers provide maternity pay to employees who have given birth. Maternity Mum treats the privacy of its customers and website users very seriously and we take appropriate security measures to safeguard your privacy. 2 Introduction communication of the policy could impact negatively on some staff groups e. Even though the number of organizations that provide paid time off remains small, it’s noteworthy that more of them are offering paid paternity leave these days. It will support you in planning for maternity leave and returning both before and after the birth of their child. Together, their stories paint the picture of a toxic corporate culture where wage theft, exploitation, gender and pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and dangerous working environments are rife. Any KIT days will not extend the maternity leave period and will be paid at the employee’s basic daily rate. Widespread anti-union tactics Glassdoor is your resource for information about XPO Logistics benefits and perks. A new bereavement and compassionate leave policy. 5 A log of days worked must be kept using form ML/ADL4 and submitted for payment on return to work at the end of the Maternity Leave period. February 2017. Job Description. There are some important things that you need to know and do to help us make all the arrangements for your Maternity Leave and pay – so talk to your Changes to University Maternity and Adoption Pay. Building up holiday on maternity leave. Eligibility pregnancy and maternity receive appropriate support. Neither the author nor Workable will assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this policy. Please ensure that you read the Trust’s Maternity Policy, which, provides information regarding entitlement and options available for maternity leave and pay. 4 The following definitions are used within this policy: Expected Week of Childbirth (EWOC) Maternity Policy Version No. Maternity leave is open to all members of staff with the relevant length of service at the College. Full-Time. Maternity Policy Revised April 2015 Page 2 Human Resources MATERNITY POLICY Introduction to maternity rights and benefits This policy sets out the rights of employees to statutory maternity leave and pay. 6 In addition, during Maternity Leave, the University may also make reasonable contact with Introduction. A maternity policy can promote a consistent approach to maternity across the organisation and increase awareness about the support available for pregnant employees. S. A policy document released this week, said staff should not stop using the word 'woman' or other terms describing motherhood but they should consciously start adding in the word 'people' and other Policies Home Who We Are Corporate Governance Our ongoing success relies on building and maintaining positive relationships with our clients and consumers, colleagues and shareholders but also with our business partners, government and non-government organisations, suppliers and the wider communities in which we work. According to Gov. An employee may work for up to a maximum of 10 KIT days without bringing her maternity leave to an end. Any student or member of staff who has been affected by discrimination, bullying, harassment, violence, or hate crime is encouraged to visit our Report & Support pages for staff and for students for detailed information about their options. The University is committed to helping working parents balance the needs of work and family life. In addition, we recently launched a new job advancement program for employees, " Grow at XPO ". Policy Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Policy April 2015 updated with more detail on IVF and surrogacy. Download XPO’s UK 2019 Tax Policy. The University recognises that, from time to time, employees may have questions or concerns relating to their maternity rights. However, at least 28 calendar days written notice of your intended start date is required unless this is not reasonably practical. It is only paid while you are not working. Therefore the University needs to act within the legal framework and to guard against possible discrimination. https://www. Our commitment to sustainability helped us weather one of the most challenging years in history, while still delivering for our customers. 3. Maternity leave 3. Desired outcomes. Leading UK insurance company Zurich today publishes its new ‘family-friendly’ policies for its 4,500 UK employees. The maternity leave process contains a step-by-step guide to Maternity Leave so everyone is clear about the steps that need to be followed when a colleague is pregnant. 1 May 2018 1. 5. 2 The revised policy document aims for an improved format and greater clarity. Equality Act 2010 Maternity policy template.